Pure Cod Liver Oil crafted locally for optimal freshness. Made from sustainable caught Norwegian codfish

Will you go the extra mile for your family?

Our products are made by parents for parents, because we care.
You have one chance to make it right for your child and for your elders. It’s therefore crucial to only demand the best for you and your loved ones. Choose clean, safe and natural Omega-3 for your family.

They deserve it.

Our quality promise

2 hours from catch to production

2 hours from catch to production

Omega 3 DHA EPA naturally

Omega 3 DHA EPA naturally

Freshness guaranteed

Freshness guaranteed

Single ingredient product

Single ingredient product

Sustainable fishing & wild catch

Sustainable fishing & wild catch

No GMO or additives

No GMO or additives

The origin, Røst island

Røst is part of  The Lofoten Islands in the Arctic Circle, home of Atlantic Delights hand crafted oils. Lofoten archipelago is a Unesco World Heritage candidate, with its untouched nature and outstanding local heritage. Our fishing fleet and production facilities are situated in clean cold waters 100 km from land. Atlantic Delights supports Røsts unique local community of 500 inhabitants (mostly fishermen) with over 1 million puffin birds.

The People of Røst

Fishing is a way of life in Røst. We proudly work with the local community, filled with incredible human beings. It is these characters that bring you Cod Liver Oils from Atlantic Delights.

The Oil Maker

“Cod Liver Oil keeps me sharp and healthy while the steam with Omega 3 from our production makes my skin soft.”

Well in his 70s, he enjoys physical work ,long walks and new entrepreneurial challenges. He personally ensures the quality by drinking a spoonful of Pure Cod Liver oil every day.

Personally committed to quality assure each production batch

The Optimist

“There are no real challenges in my job. I enjoy every aspect of it.”

Lofoten Fishermen are inherently upbeat with a seemingly bottomless positive attitude.  They greet strangers with warmth, a blunt sense of humor and a gleam in their eye.

Catches fresh Norwegian Cod. Every single day

The Sea Wolf

“Traditions persist, while adapting to modern fishing.”

The art and craft of fishing is passed down generations preserving a wealth of experience and local knowledge.

Directs the fishing fleet

The Rugged Man

“Fishing is not a profession to me, it is a way of life.”

The Fishermen of Lofoten can be characterized as hardworking, humble, and complaining is simply not a part of their vocabulary despite harsh weather and uncertainty of catch.

Facing rough seas, for your health

Our products

Baby & Infants DHA
Provide your child only the best Omega 3 and DHA. A 100 % safe product with no additives or GMO. Dropper included.

Pure Cod Liver Oil
Cod liver oil at its purest form, liquid. Drink it as it is, like the people of Røst do. A natural source of Omega 3 and DHA.

Pure Drops of Cod Liver Oil
90 capsules
Its easy to take your daily Omega 3 with Pure Drops on a busy schedule. Same great oil, more convenient.